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Making Money Online With Nautanki.tv


What is Nautanki.tv?

Nautanki.tv is India’s first online 24/7 TV channel. Nautanki.tv provides unique online video content such as film reviews, celebrity talk shows, tele-films, car shows, travel documentaries and much more. The videos shows on nautanki.tv last for around 5 minutes each.

So How Can Bloggers Make Money With Nautanki?

Nautanki.tv has ads playing before and after it’s video content. The advertisers pay on pay per view basis and Nautanki pays its publishers a part of that amount. If you would like to be a publisher for the shows of Nautanki TV, then you could register on the Nautanki site . Then enter the codes provided on your site and you are off to make money. Nautanki.tv is a boon for regional language blogs (Hindi, Tamil, etc) which cannot be monetized well with other ad networks like Adsense

My Experience With Nautanki

Firstly, Nautanki.tv is no scam, I have been trying it for five months. And the payment is always done on time. But a major problem with Nautanki is that it pays its publishers in multiples of Rs. 10,000. So if you have even made Rs. 9,999/- in a month, then you will not be paid in that month. You will have to wait for another whole month to get your rightful money.

When I first started using nautanki on one of my sites the money generated was unbelievable, with a traffic of around 3000 uniques daily, Nautanki was making close to Rs. 2000/- daily. This was a dream. A dream that ended in a month or so.

As time passed, I was of the opinion that the money would only increase, as Nautanki would end up making more money with time ( with increase in advertisers). But I was in for a rude shock, though the advertisers increased, the revenue continued to spiral down. Though the traffic of my site has increased from 3000 uniques to 6000 uniques, the revenue generated through Nautanki has spiralled down from Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 200/- a day. A fact which is hard to digest.

The worst thing about Nautanki is that a month back they started auto-playing their videos on publisher sites. This was a real disaster. Playing the videos automatically, without the users interest, was an indication of Nautanki’s desperate means to make money at the cost of user experience. Imagine loud videos being played as you are browsing. That is surely one irritating experience for your site viewers. And this was something that I did not want my site viewers you to experience. Though I was making around Rs. 200/- Rs. 300/- with nautanki, I decided to scrap it off from my site.


Suggestions To Improve Nautanki.tv

Stop the auto-play of the videos immediately.It is very irritating.

Reduce the limit from Rs. 10,000 to around Rs. 3000/- to Rs. 5000/- so that even smaller websites could use it to generate revenue.

Improve the video content. I know it’s a hard task to generate unique video content, but compared to television standards, the content on Nautanki is simply pathetic. If nautanki really wants to make it big, then they must find a way so as to improve their video content. It may be difficult but it is not impossible.

Let the publishers know the reason for a fall in revenue.

Increase the revenue share of the publishers. And also increase the advertiser network.Presently the ad network of nautanki can barely be counted on one’s fingers.

My Advice To Publishers

Nautanki.tv will only help websites that have huge traffic to make money. Also the auto-playing of videos could irritate your site audience and lead to a degeneration of traffic. Though there is no harm in trying, I would recommend, publishers to stay away from Nautanki.tv.

A Word Of Appreciation To The Founders Of Nautanki

To start something innovative in India, is really credible. And I would say hats off to the Nautanki team for conceptualizing a unique idea like Nautanki. The only problem I feel is that the idea is not being exploited properly. I humbly request you guys to take a note of my suggestions. Nautanki has the power of overhauling Google Adsense too, just proper execution is necessary.

Amit Kaundinya

Business Analyst at Wipro Technologies
I have a passion for consulting and thankfully that is what I do for a living. I currently work as a Business Analyst in a leading IT company. I have an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Xavier Institute Of Management, Bhubaneswar. Prior to my MBA, have been a Project lead at Tata Consultancy Services for 2.5 years.

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  1. sunil nair

    Hi Amit, We appreciate your concerns. The real reason why nautanki.tv revenues for publishers fluctuates so much is that your revenues depends on how much the advertisers are willing to pay. Initially we were able to get

    high paying ads and hence you got higher returns, currently the number of advertisers are low and they pay far less. We are working with a few advertisers to ensure that there is some form of stability. Autoplay / Non Autoplay is a debate that has been on for sometime.

    We in the new upgrade are releasing the option. This will take time and cannot be done at an instance since we have to factor in accounting for the views.

    On content quality – its a learing process, we learn as we grow.

    One of the things we learnt early is that there is no such thing as bad content.

    Some of our supposed bad shows get in excess of 100000 views a day.

    We will be moving to a lower payout limit by end of October. Regards Sunil R Nair

  2. music

    very interesting.

    i'm adding in RSS Reader

  3. ramesh

    hey I heared this nautanki.tv is all a "set up"……..my friend runs a internet consultingy firm and he recruited a girl for nautanki.tv…apparently the girl was pregnant

    and the guys of nautanki.tv knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine…but when it came to paying my friend

    (who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient. They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is completely totally unacceptable.

    How can CEO be so insensitive????? This is such an unethical firm…..I hope people stay away from it~~~

  4. rockstar


    this is such a sad thing~~~i will stay away from nautanki~~~~thanx for the warning

  5. ramesh189

    This nautanki.tv is so STUPID~~~i hav an inside scoop on this this firm~~~the story is my friend runs a internet consulting firm and he recruited a girl for nautanki.tv…apparently the girl was pregnant

    and the guys of nautanki.tv knew that she was pregnant. Till 3 months they made the girl work~~~every thing was going perfectly fine…but when it came to pay my friend

    (who actually recruited her) they said that we are firing that girl since she is very inefficient(when she actually wasnt). They didnt pay my friend a single penny. Such a thing is totally unacceptable.

    So the owners of nautanki.tv if you cant pay your bills better close down the company ~~~and bloggers better stick too GOOGLE ADSENSE~~~this company wont pay you a single penny.

  6. shrenik

    this nautanki.tv is such a rip-off. I used their content on my blog. Many people viewed it and i am supposed to be paid when a user views their content~~~yet my account balance

    shows that i havent earned anything….and i am so sure that many people saw that content (since there are comments for that post)~~~yet i havent earned a single penny~~~i am never goin to use their

    content again……i hope the rest of you all become wise too~~dont use nautanki.tv~~~it doesnot pay~~~better you use google adsense only

  7. nettvlive

    Hi all i am a small website owner attracting nearly 500 visitrs daily .First the earnings was very high daily it was 100 rs and now it is suyddenly 4 rs daily .As i have already earned 3000 i am also unable to discontinue nautanki. as my earnings is with nautanki.I suggest google is the only best add provider which pays me two months one.

  8. sanjit k patnaik

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  9. Fmh

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  10. Rrohit Kumar

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  19. Indian Television Me

    Its a nice post, i am using their ad code in my blogs, it happy to read that nautanki is not scam and they are paying.

    10000/ Minimum payout is not a reasonable minimum pay out :( .

  20. Vineeth.S

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