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Three Men And A Baby : A Comedy For the Entire Family


Just caught up with this wonderful comedy, Three Men And A Baby, directed by Leonard Nimoy. I had this dvd for quite a while but had just kept it in on the shelf. I do not know what prompted me to catch this flick, but whatever did, I am really happy that I caught up with this movie.

Three Men And A Baby Movie Story

Jack, Michael and Peter are three happy go lucky friends. Every thing’s going nice and jolly until one day, two unexpected parcels arrive at their doorstep. One is a cradle with a baby in it and the other parcel has a drugs in it. Suddenly their lives take a full 360 degree turn. With the responsibility of a baby ( who they are clueless how to manage) and with the police and goons after them for the drugs, what you can expect is one comic journey.

The movie is so appropriately tagged : ” They changed her diapers, she changed their lives”

Three Men And A  Baby

Poster : Three Men And A Baby

Three Men and a Baby is a perfect example how you can make a good movie on a shoe-string budget. The movie belongs to the 80′s genre of comic films. No sex jokes, no gross scenes , no stupid one-liners : Three Men and A Baby makes you laugh with it’s simple situational humor. And believe me nothing is funnier than situational humor.

Tom Selleck, Peter Guttenberg and Ted Danson play the part of three clueless men who have to get to terms with taking care of a baby. From changing her diapers to understanding why she is crying and putting her to sleep. The way the baby becomes a part of their life rather than a responsibility is wonderfully portrayed.

But the angel of the film is Mary ( the little baby) , who has you into peals of laughter’s with her cute actions. Surely the director and his team need credit for handling the baby so well.

The music of the film is also wonderful, so pleasant and soothing to the ears. My favorite track being Daddy’s girl. Oooo the music of the 80′s , leaves you really cheered up.

It’s been a long time I laughed real hard watching a comedy on the computer. I recommend this one for a nice family viewing. With a runtime of around 100 minutes, Three Men and a Baby is like quick chocolate that will melt soon but it’s sweet taste you shall savor for a real long time.

Final Verdict : A Simple Story That Will Leave You Smiling In The End. This is what they call a “feel good film”

Movie Rating : 8/10

P.S. : The success of Three Men And A Baby prompted the makers to make a sequel to it, titled, Three Men And A Little Lady. Cann’t wait to catch that one now….

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